Operate Now: Hospital App Reviews

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Potentially a good game but it needs a lot of work

Unlocking things is hard because of the high price or hearts Gaining money isn’t easy because as soon as you do you have to spend it Not enough operations And what’s with the high school drama? Can’t we have a game without the drama? We already live in a world with that. The game is supposed to be a get away from the nonsense

It ok

Wish it didn’t take so long to earn cash. The things you spend cash on cost too much the currency doesn’t really make much sense. It also takes too long to complete prologue, task, or to improve the employee stats. Just got the game and starting to get bored. I do like the idea of the game tho.

Bureaucratic Nightmare

After you breeze through the first few, easy levels of the operation simulator, you have a hell of a time ever seeing operation opportunity again. It takes far too long and too much “money” to add rooms or upgrade staff just to find out your surgeon is five points short of being able to participate in the game. Also, the epinephrine and other emergency tools are confusing and will absolutely annihilate your chance to play. Have fun waiting five-12 hours to earn enough to upgrade, provided your hospital doesn’t shut down ... because it doesn’t have upgrades! I already know American health care is an expensive, long-game mess; I don’t need a simulation game to be THAT realistic. Pass on this.

My review

I love this game and I’ve always wanted to be a doctor when I grow up so this game really helps me.


It was fun at first but this game is WAY to much hurry up and wait.. also the fact that in order to get my people up a level I have to spend 8,000$ to MAYBE get what I need to upgrade and then by the time I get it I’m out of money. There isn’t enough surgery’s ...it just crap. It’s not even fun and it should be.

It could be great

I like the game however it could be great if you were given the chance to actually play. As a player you need doctors, surgeons, nurses and etc however your not given nearly enough to actually play. The cost the get a new staff is crazy and you may end up with something you don’t even need. Then you also have to purchase rooms and training which is also way too expensive to get. So I’d love to play the game but I can’t because I can’t ever afford anything in the game.

I love this game

I am 7


24 Feb 18: Ok so, recently every time I go in to the game and select the daily “free rewards” icon and try to watch the videos to obtain golden hearts, it shows loading and never stops, so I don’t get the extra golden hearts. On another note, I just dropped $60,000 to recruit a new employee and did not get the employee. The screen showed me the new employee (a female Paramedic) but when I went and checked, I did not have her. Also, when I had reached level 11, it opened up the top floor for me to start working on it. After getting out of the game and coming back in a few hours later, the floor was gone and it is still gone. 18 Mar 18: update I literally just dropped $60,000 for a new character and I did not get it. It showed me the image of the nurse, but did not really give it to me. She does not show up anywhere.

Operate Now?

Operations are fun, but I spent most of my time doing administrative tasks. The name Operate Now led me to believe that I would be doing operations.


How do you earn hearts? How do you get people in your hospital? Were are all the operations? This game needs major upgrade

I lost all my progress

I loved the game. One day I was having issues being able to get into the game and so I thought maybe deleting and reinstalling would be the best thing to do. WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!! I lost all my progress in the game plus the $9.78 that I spent in this game. I reached out to the company about 2 months ago and till this day no reply. Play the game but don’t use any money !!!!

I truly enjoy it.

This game is highly recommended to others.

I really like it but..

I would 100% give this game five stars if it didn’t cost so many gold hearts to rush anything everything cost so much and it’s so hard to earn it and it makes it very hard to get his staff that you actually need. I would like to continue playing this game but it seems like you have to spend money in order to really enjoy it you should throw us a bone every once in a while something for free that cost a lot

Let Us Choose the Staff We Get!!!

I like the game but I hate that you pay $80,000 to recruit a staff member and end up getting another one (like a nurse) that you have 10 of instead of getting another doctor or paramedic like you need. I hate that it’s all a surprise what you buy. Let us choose what to buy, we know what we need. Do another update and change that. Cuz I’m about over this game.


Energy levels of staff dwindle far too quickly and when trying to stitch up the patients, there are constant misses when you are precisely covering the needed area. Deleting the game; the glitches in the surgery did me in.

I’m very upset!!

After purchasing a new iPhone I was not able to download my saved game from my previous iphone, which included me being at level 16, golden hearts, and a large lump sum of money that I paid real cash for!! Fix this issue!! I already sent an email but still have not received a response.

Needs improvement

It’s a great game I love it I love playing it but it is constantly freezing if I accidentally slide down my notification bar while doing surgery it will freeze and I’ll haft to restart my phone I just deleted the app because I’m sick of it freezing my phone Ps my phone only does this when I play the app please fix it’s a great game I’d love to keep playing if it was fixed


This is the best game I have had it is so fun


I love this game but plz change the music

Bad, customer service is useless

I have since deleted this app. Many attempts at fixing issues were blown off. Customer service just doesn’t care. Don’t waste your time, it will only cause you aggravation. You spend your money to purchase things, then it is random. So you have to buy the item 19 times to get what you need. And since it is random, if you are recruiting and it gives you someone you already had? Too bad for you. Now you just recruited no one and are out of that money. Have fun earning more money so you can just waste it on nothing again.

Doesn’t work on IPhone X

I want to love this app but it just doesn’t work on my IPhone X. It doesn’t recognize when I touch the buttons and sometimes I can get it to work by tapping repeatedly for like 10 seconds. I tried restarting my phone and even deleting and redownloading the app but nothing worked so I just had to delete the app. I really wish it worked because i feel like I’d play it a ton.


Overall a good fun game. Can use some improvements. The biggest thing I have a problem with is stitching. Sometimes and it works and other times it doesn’t register that I’m stitching and I keep losing hearts which ultimately kills the patient. Slide my finger like I always do. When this happens I can’t play for a few hours bc it won’t register and then when I go back in I have to dismiss the surgery. Another thing would be how much stuff cost!!! It wouldn’t be a problem if I could actually choose what I wanted to spend my money on like another doctor or surgeon.

It’s okay

The very first part is good but once you start to build your hospital it starts To get boring

When will there be new content???

I love this game! But I've run out of episodes to play... It just says new content coming soon. When??? I want to play more, and I want to know more of the story...

Good but

good but,when i want more doctors or other med personal is hard to ,,buy” them 😢 and it is high prices.


I’m loving this game however I keep failing operations due to the fact that I am unable to stitch someone up due to the app glitching up . I follow all directions however when it gets to the stitching part everything I do pops up a red “X” and then next thing I know my patient dies on the table . Please fix !


I like the game but recently my people are running out of energy really fast and it's annoying. I will have everyone charged all the way, then go back 1/2 hour- 45 minutes later and everyone is already completely out of energy already. I have a life I don't spend all day on the game so I shouldn't have to recharge every single person every time I get on the game. I have to take everyone out of their jobs because nobody has energy so every room will have nobody in it.


It was good for a while after I built the ambulance the game kept crashing. So I deleted it. #disappointed

Don’t like the forcing to pay for stuff.

I like this game but, there was a game pack that popped up and I clicked buy to see how much it was and it was 4.99 but when I clicked cancel it kept popping up and wouldn’t let me exit out of it. I restarted my phone and it continued to pop up and made me pay for it. Bs.

Save and transfer game

Please make this game available to save your current progress and be able to transfer between iOS devices

so i'm confused...

i recently bought a new phone and i proceeded to download and link up all of my apps for it however i could not link up this one. i couldn't find a place for facebook or anything. so please help if i'm wrong?

It’d be a great game BUT

It’s way to hard to level up and complete tasks and missions. The first few levels and tasks are easy then after that it’s impossible to complete the storyline. I’ve had the game about 2 weeks and I can’t complete things like a task with a doctor who needs 240 energy (unless I pay money) I can’t admit enough patients through my ambulance bay. It took me 5 days of just logging in to get the money to even start the task. This game is getting deleted. It’s a shame too bc it could be so good. If you’re looking for a fun surgery game, get adult swim’s amateur surgeon 4 it is awesome!!!!!

Cute concept but

Takes entirely too long. I’ve had it like two days and I’m losing interest.

Update glitch now resolved!

Updated Review: Developers have finally resolved this issue, and the update glitch has been fixed. Thank you! I have invested over $80 in this game, but every time it is updated, (which is regularly) there is a glitch and you cannot update without re-installing the game. When you re-install, you loose all progress and hence, all monies invested. This has happened to me twice now, so i am now convinced that your game is a money scam. I now will be formally contacting the app store to report you, contacting my Amex card to refund all my money as well. This has happened to many other players as well~so disappointing and infuriating!

The games fun to play

Game is fun

I love this game :Sapphire Woods👱🏾‍♀️

I love this game nothing is wrong with it to me. Thanks to the people that worked hard on creating this game. I have my full support on playing this game and all I have to say is this is just GOOD!!!!

Such a shame...

It's such a fun game, but there are many bugs to the game. When ever I try to do an operation the game logs me out! It also is very glitchy. But the graphics are spot on and the game is very entertaining. Please fix the bugs!!!!

I regret the purchase

This game is interesting, but being honest, it’s just not going to be worth wasting your money. I have purchased other games, but this one, you can not play unless you are allowing the creator to dig into your bank account substantially and daily. I’ve had it 2 days, and I feel robbed. I would say, keep your money or In 30 days, You will have spent enough to buy somebody a whole car.

Very good experience for me!

I’ve been playing this game for several months now and have had any real issues at all. I have not spent any real money on the game either. I really like the special events they’ve had. I also got involved with the storyline. I hope they continue it soon! I am also at a level now that I earn in game cash relatively quickly, about 200k-400k a day. Earning golden hearts takes a while, but if you view ads you can get 10-20 per day. So for me this game is a keeper!

Glitchy and not fun

ER glitch will not allow you to see up a wound and sets you up to fail every time... must be a bug... fix it. Pay to play game and if you don’t plan on spending... good luck.

Fix the Money issue.

The game is not bad, but upgraded and purchases cost too much in comparison to how much you can make. It takes days to accumulate what you need for one upgrade, it should not be this way.

Watching ad scam

The watching ad is a major bug. After the fixed the constant loading screen, now after watching the ad the whole screen turns white and the only way to access the game is to restart it, which means getting no prize for watching the ad. Watched like 10 ads and got the same issues.


Overall I’m enjoying the game but the added research asked for 2 staff and even though the research is finished my staff has not came back for me to use them on other task. I’m sure an update will correct this eventually but right now I’m bummed because I can’t use those 2 staff that are still showing busy even though the research is finished already.

To much buying not not a lot of missions


I like, but...

Like every new app there are a lot of tweaking needed to perfect the game. Customer service team are pretty good at responding within a timely matter. If something goes wrong pls contact them before giving a horrible review. They will work with you. And they are constantly working to fix bugs. I should know because of the 3 updates in less than 2 wks 😁 Also research is waaaaay too expensive! And upgrading each character does not have to be so difficult and expensive.


What happened to fame you could play and not have to dish out $$$ just to play at a basic level. I am so tired of these developers being so money hungry!!! Totally get making money for your work but ripping people off by making upgrades, getting new employees, training staff, etc but this is ridiculous! On top of that several other people have said once they got to a certain level they had to uninstall and reinstall only to lose everything and start over AFTER spending money on this game. It IS a fun game but I wouldn’t even encourage you to set yourself up by getting it and having to spend money...too much money both real life and in the game purchases using game earned money. Apple should really set boundaries with developers to keep them from milking or trying to milk people with unrealistic expectations in these games when it’s OBVIOUS they are ripping people off.


I finished the Heart of Africa mission and for some reason I was 20 hearts short from getting the last accomplishment. What is going on?! This isn’t fair!

Love it , but ....

I spent 60,000 for a NEW staff member and I got a duplicate and basically got that money taken from me 😒. Total rip off. !!!

How good is your game

The game is fun I like to help people and I also like it because I want to be a doctor / nurse when I grow up

I like it but needs work

I play the game a lot but may not be playing it much any more time for new departments especially a second break room, additional surgeries, more staff and new episodes

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