Operate Now: Hospital App Reviews

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I like it but

Everything is way over priced leaving you to play the game a ridiculous amount of hours to earn that money! Don’t play!


I was just charged $18 for a $5.99 purchase... THAT I DIDNT WANT. I have previously bought the gold hearts but your game glitches to where I couldn’t press “cancel” button on deal of the day, I was just checking to see what it was. This has done this twice now, This time I even killed the app and that’s when it charged me a second time. The first time it charged me for another “deal” that I couldn’t cancel. I don’t mind spending money on the app, but making it so I can’t get out of buying a package really made me not want to put a single dime in this again. Fix the glitch ASAP.


I really liked the game but I’m over the glitches. Some of the surgeries give you an error even when you’re doing it right and then the notification to buy stuff through the App Store won’t go away and causes the phone to glitch. If this persist I might delete the game.


Is anyone else having trouble with doing stitches? I drag my finger across as directed but as soon as I touch the screen I get a red X from an error. I can’t keep failing operations like this! Fix it please! That fact that I care about this means I like the game.... a lot....

Too hard to earn money and Golden hearts

I mean I love this game but it’s way too hard to earn money and hearts. I can’t even choose what kind of person to hire and buying coffee and energy is just way too much. Fix that


I’m now addicted to this game


So fun fun and interesting


It is a great game!! Like for real it’s amazing. I downloaded it when i set my phone in French, but I want the game to be in English. How do i change the language setting?

Not Working

This game hasn’t been working for months. Tried installing update. It took me back to square one. Still not working. Like the game a lot. Can’t play.

I love it

I love playing this, the graphics are amazing. The simulation is perfect for interaction.


I love the game but the real reason I installed it was because I wanted to do surgery. If you could make a second app that just has surgeries I would get it. Thanks

Usual suspects

Game looks great, and plays well. The concept is implemented well. My problem is the two pop ups every time you open the app, trying to get you to spend $, and the usual time sink give us $ to maintain stamina. The game isn’t deep enough imo, for me to overlook those issues.

I like it but why

I like the game but it’s supposed to be fun right it’s a game so why does it take so much work to get money and everything is priced too high 🙄🙄also I wish we could personalize the hospital more

Great Game

Is a good game, need more features when you perform an operation to add more fun to the game. Please stop the pop up messages of in game purchase is really annoying!!!

I like it but

It costs a lot of money to do certain things and you can’t really do surgeries if you don’t spend the money that you might not have.

Doctor Name

Forget all the other crap—just let me update my doctor’s name. Jeez.

App Crashes

I just updated the app and I'm trying to play the storm rebuild challenge and I'll be in the middle of the surgery and the app closes on me. It's annoying and it also takes all the stamina of my surgeon so I cannot use the surgeon after that which is also annoying. Please fix this. I want the new diamond level doctor, but I can't win it because it keeps crashing.

Heart surgery

The heart surgery has a little issue with the stitches at the end, annoying right now.

I love but....

I read the first review and I was trying to decide if I should get it yes I did and I agree but didagree with the first review it’s good practice if you really want to become a nurse or doctor some time. I would recommend 11 and over for this game.


It’s dumb I hate it


Ever since the new update that came out a few days ago I haven’t been able to have the game load. It says it can’t find my profile. I have been playing for over a month straight and I loved this game.

Won’t let me play!!!

It won’t let me play the game because “the version is outdated” so when I go to the App Store and try to update it, it’s already updated. So I can’t play the game which really frustrates me because I actually enjoy playing this game. I also think prices should lower on everything and that you should be able to get more employees.

No cash rewards for completing tasks

I liked the game at first. It was fun and the surgeries were cool but you barely make any money. The game wants me to run a “recruitment campaign” and it costs $60K and reward for completing it is only $1500. That doesn’t even make sense. I only have $50K so far. And to upgrade any room from level one is $60K also. It’s annoying and you only earn a few hundred bucks each patient. You run out of cash quick then you’re stuck. The game gets boring real quick.

3 stars

It’s fun with a good plot at the beginning. The storylines were very intriguing for me. It got very tedious and repetitive after awhile though with the surgeries repeating over and over and constantly having to recharge staff members. I also don’t like how you aren’t able to choose which staff members you need. I went through maybe 6 or 7 nurses before I finally was able to get a doctor I needed. And staff members and new rooms cost way too much. It’s already difficult to accumulate money and then as soon as you do, you have to spend a majority of it.

Improvement needed!

When I first started out, I was really excited. I played the small Operate Now games on the computer before I found this game. I loved them. You could choose different types of operations to do. So I thought that this game would have an abundance of operations. It was a bit of a let down though. At first I thought I just had to keep playing and leveling up, it made sense for that to be the case. After a few weeks I realized that wasn’t the case. There is a small variety of operations. That’s not what really gets on my nerves though. It is really hard to get money, UNLESS you update the rooms(which takes a lot of money!) or to pay for it with hearts(which takes real money!). Not to mention it takes 12 hours for a room to update! And you can’t use that room while it’s updating, leaving you in a bad spot if you have a time limited event. One thing that needs to be updated is the card packets to get new workers. It cost 60,000 dollars in the game(and if you remember it’s hard to earn that) and then there’s a big possibility that you’ll get a duplicate card. There shouldn’t be duplicates. I have around 15 doctors, 10 surgeons, and 15 nurses. But I have one axillary worker and two paramedics. I need more axillary workers! But every time I get a packet, I get a doctor, surgeon, or nurse! I do not need another one of those!

Love it, but...

I am obsessed with this game. It’s very addicting, entertaining, without becoming monotonous or boring. HOWEVER. I have spent about $100 of REAL CASH to buy different things, such as consumables, in-game cash, and STAFF RECRUITMENT... my two issues are with the the staff recruitment options. Problem #1: I can only RANDOMLY get (1) regular or silver staff members by paying $60K or (2) I can get a a silver or premium (gold) staff member by paying 💛120. Problem #2: When I hire new staff members, more often than not, I get a duplicate staff member, which then replaces it with cards I could use to upgrade my current staff. Neither of those two problems I want to encounter. If I pay $$/💛s to hire new staff members, it’s because I NEED A NEW STAFF MEMBER. This game would get 5⭐️ from if the app developers solve these issues. I would suggest the following: 1. At the very least let the player select what kind of staff they want to hire (nurse, doctor, surgeon, etc) and then according to what they paid ($ or 💛), randomly select whether it will be regular/silver or silver/gold staff member. 2. Please ELIMINATE the duplicate problem. I have paid enough REAL MONEY buying 💛to able to hire premium staff for NOTHING because all I get is duplicate staff members. I want to spend all my money and hearts hiring staff until I have them ALL. You guys fix that, and I’ll give it 5 ⭐️

This game is a great game

It is a great game a little less than what I thought it was but a good game


I love this game ! But often times the data doesn’t load, says “there was an error downloading your game data, please try again”. It also only lets me play with WiFi and not my phone data... I have previously deleted the app and re-download it to try to fix the problem and it didn’t work. Instead I lost all my data and couldn’t recover it which made me have to start all over


I tried to purchase $19.99 pack and had purchase confirmed - and what I received was a golden heart (- yes, one) extra life, plus the game kept going back to the purchase screen without being prompted. Total rip off. Deleted the game immediately afterwards.

Send nudes

Please send nudes

It’s great but....

So the overall game is amazing. But I bought one of their special offers that was $20 and I never got any of the stuff in the offer. I got charged for it but nothing happened except for getting 1 golden heart. What’s up with that?


All you Do is wait till you get a task it been two days since I got a tax that’s all goodbye

For a free game...

It’s a wonderful game with some faults yet very interesting concept!🙂

Fun game but repetitive

I would like to see a more verity of surgeries other then the same 5 you do. I have notice they do put in new surgeries only during events I would like to see them around all the time.Other then that really fun game


New version won’t load past the beginning menu of “Settings”! Now I’m going to loose my progress of daily plays! I love this game, but I may stop playing!

Great way to pass time

It’s one of those games that should be easy, but gets complicated so you keep playing it because you know you can beat it. For example it take forever to earn money, to upgrade rooms, buy more staff, and consumable to keep staff healthy.


Since I updated to the Anniversary my game keep saying syncing profile. It’s been two hours. Any ideas how to resolve the problem.

Getting worse with every update

The latest update is adding more ads and “personalized” content based upon your data usage. Can’t just leave well enough alone, but now wants more access to what you search. These options can be turned off, so they say. The latest update won’t synchronize so it’s totally useless

I’m enjoying being a surgeon in this game.

I feel like I’m learning stuff and wish to earn my real life doctorate in this fun game format. It’s so the better future I can imagine. I’ll actually wait for it to come true. 😍

Crashes a lot

So this game was great and all. But everytime I would fail on an operation on level 10 it would literally try to charge me (Apple Pay to confirm) & it would crash and I would exist off and it would still crash!! Uninstalled.


It’s a Cool game. I enjoy playing it, but I have to agree earning money is hard enough & to get new rooms they’re over 200,000??

Update trouble

Yeaaa so I updated the app and now I cannot log in. It keeps prompting to me to play as a guest and won’t let me access my actual profile through my Facebook.. idk what happened but I know I AM NOT starting over from the point where I was lol

Need more types of surgeries

I do enjoy the game and all of the goals and tasks to complete, however it is the same six surgeries you perform over and over again so it gets a little repetitive

Rip off

Makes you spend real money w little benefit from game.

Bad update

I updated the game and now it won’t let me play and after updating it says I did not update it I have a 40 day record of every day checking in for the golden hearts and I’m going to be really upset if I lose that record I need the golden hearts to keep playing it what the heck

Bad glitches

I'm playing the anniversary special & one of my missions with the surgery keeps making me lose hearts towards the even I'm doing the right thing. Then I keep getting a pop-up to purchase stuff. This is bad! Please fix it!

Can’t recover my progress

I was very advanced in this game, however it would not load up anymore and had to reinstall it. Now I cannot recover my progress and will nor start from the beginning. If there is a way to recover it I will change my rate and will play again. If not, then it is a good bye.

Update question

Game won’t start because it claims that it needs an update, but the update isn’t showing up in the store. Is the new update available?


Did the "Don't miss the Anniversary" update and now the app won't work at all.

I really like the game

I do enjoy paying this game but wish they would fix a lot of thing!!! It cost to much to get new staff and it’s heard to make money... can y’all please make so changes to the game!!!!

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