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Okay, this game is addicting, very addicting, however there’s so many glitches. One of my tasks is to give staff members 5 energy drinks, and i kept buying the coffee pot with 10 drinks and i got 2 of those AND I STILL NEVER GOT PAST THE TASK! I’m starting to get frustrated

Beware!! Rip off!

Beware! This game is fun, addictive and a RIP OFF! Yes, you will have to spend your real money if you want to advance. You need to buy upgrades and hearts. The rewards earned are not enough to get you the supplies (energy, staff, skills, etc) that are needed. I confess I’ve spend more than I like to admit on this game. I have purchased staff several times. THREE times now after paying for staff I am ripped off. It will show me who I got and then they will not show up on my board. First time it was a doctor, second time a paramedic, and this last time was a nurse. Three strikes and your out!!!!! There is no way to contact support (that I can find) and even if I did, I’m sure they would just blow me off. I will NEVER give them another cent!!!!!!!!!

I work in surgery

These procedures are so far off from how things are really done it’s comical. But I guess it’s good for passing the time between cases

Pretty good but.....

I think the game and story is good but the biggest problem I’ve have myself so far is issues with stitching up people during the disasters. It’s frustrating because it says I’m doing something wrong immediately as I touch the screen. Besides that, I have not run into any other issues. The story is pretty interesting and I do enjoy the rest of the game play.

Bad game

I don’t like this game because they share your data on their social media

Real Money = Success

This game is so much fun ! I love the graphics ,but unfortunately if you don’t spend money you aren’t going anywhere in the game :/ .


I never get patients to help it been a day and I still don’t have patients to help

Too many glitches

It would be a cool game and more enjoyable if there wasn’t so many ads. Something needs to be done during the sutures. More than half of the time it fails you. There isn’t any reason why it should fail you. I do it the same way every time and it doesn’t accept it and takes away your hearts. Also you have to but too many things in real time if you want to keep the energy up on the characters. I would enjoy it more if the glitches were fixed and less ads every time you go back to the main screen. I’m almost ready to delete this game if things aren’t fixed.

It's fun but hard.

I agree with the other people. It's a fun game but it's hard to be successful at it when you're having to spend so much money on things. Such as getting new rooms, getting new nurses, getting new doctors. Also, I can't seem to figure out how to send someone to the break room. I wish it had more instructions.

How to change language?

Does anyone know how to change the language? Thanks


I’m actually angry about this game. I really like it but I’ve spent a lot of $ trying to fill up my staff through premium recruitment only to get a duplicate!


This game was a lot of fun at first but now I need more More doctors and surgeons but every time I pay the $60,000 to recruit more stuff I always end up getting nurses and I don’t need nurses. I think it’s up to the ridiculous you can’t choose who you need to hire. I’m not wasting money on a game that makes the decisions for you.


i think this game is awesome and I love it, but I ran through season one and two PLUS the event and there’s nothing to do now - what are you supposed to do when you finish that type of stuff you guys have those random operations that show up once a day but that’s it like I have nothing else to do on this game so what’s the point in keeping it if you guys don’t have stuff for people to constantly be able to do

Fun but not worth it

I refuse to spend real life money on a GAME! They make you have to purchase their fake coins in order to succeed at the game! I will not do that! It’s crazy amount of their coins to upgrade anything at all. Which is how they try to get you to spend real money on their fake coins. Not going to happen!

Rip off

This game steals from you, then forces you to spend more money if you want to continue! I have watched it take hearts from me and not provide what you bought, when you buy hearts it doesn’t give you what you buy. It’s a complete thief!

It was bad

It was bad because it loaded so long and bad .

Great Sleeper Game, do not need to spend money

This is a great game to go onto, re-up your staff and start missions and upgrades (which all take several passing hours to be completed). I love having something to open and fiddle with for a minute or two at any time during the day, if I’m bored or need a momentary distraction. There’s plenty of opportunities to earn “in game money” and in game golden hearts by just playing - there’s options to watch adds or pay just like any other game.. but they offer enough of both by completing missions and logging in that there’s plenty for free play. Contrary to previous reviews, I have not spent any of my own money purchasing things. The game is built so you slowly upgrade your hospital and staff over time to collect more “in game money” to keep upgrading. There’s tons of missions. Some of them are offered early on, but you should wait until your hospital is producing enough “in game money” before even attempting them. The constant pop ups for deals to purchase are annoying which is why I gave a 4 instead of a 5 Star.


I contacted support about my purchasing problem and they fixed it easily and immediately! Very good game.

2 days of fun. That’s it.

It was fun the first few days but then is almost impossible to play without spending real money to buy what is needed to excel. Ie: all of my beds are full and my hospital has shut down and I can only reopen if I get a “builder” to build new rooms. A builder is 200 hearts and you only get 10 hearts every 6 hours by watching 2 videos. I am stuck at this point and had to delete the game. Also, the ads are awful! At least 2 ads every single time you switch departments.

Fun but glitches

Second day of playing this game and when I go to stitch up someone it glitches and causes me to fail the surgery. I don’t care much for the story lines, but some people like that. I enjoy the game, but I wish the glitches would be fixed!


Good app

Fun but redundant

I’ve invested like $40 in this game so I make myself play it. It’s fun but the surgeries are the same few over and over. I’ve gotten bored with them and can do them with my eyes closed. Maybe if they added some new surgeries I’d give a better review. You can’t get far without paying actual money so unless you plan to spend some, don’t even start playing it.

Waste of Time

I was hoping I would get addicted to this game. I forget sometimes I have it. The games is very repetitive, takes a long time to reach a new level. Surgeries are somewhat easy but the smallest touch could cause the patient to die even on “Very Easy” levels which is ridiculous. If you want to keep gamers interested don’t make easy levels secretly hard, that might make a gamer discouraged to even try the hard levels. Create a better story line. I enjoyed the puzzle pieces because they gave the characters more personality other than that, the game is cross between Episode and the Sims but not as interactive or interesting. Good try though.

Too hard to progress

I loved this game at first, but quickly started hating it. After a certain point, you never earn enough money to keep playing. Things get more and more expensive, unexpected costs pop up (like your hospital filling up and needing to build more wards), and employees are $60,000. Basically the only way to earn money is to perform an operation, which you don’t get that often. They only pay about $500-$1000 dollars and when considering how infrequent they are and the high cost of everything in the game, you just can’t progress without spending real money. This game had so much potential to be good, I’m disappointed

Fun game!

This is a super fun game. I’ve made it to level 17 and haven’t spent one cent of real money. It does take time to build things up and start making some good money but I’ve only been playing for about a week and I’ve gotten pretty far already. Give it a chance! Be patient and it will get better.

Ads Galore

Good game. It fun but too many ads and there’s no point for this to require internet to play. They try to force you to spend real money in this game. Probably going to un-install after only 2 days. All the latest reviews aren’t to good, so there must have been an update recently for this to have 4.5 rating.

Good and bad

The game could be great but there should be a way to make more money because I will not be spending any... even in the rare event that I like a game and spend a few dollars it’s to supplement and help get me over the final hurdle ... no one is trying to pay a real medical bill to get gold hearts or money in your game... furthermore it won’t even load today so I think I may uninstall .... improve or lose your players


Fun game but Advertisements literally every time you click back to view the hospital. Tried to play today and it just keeps loading won’t even start.


Fun game

Needs Improvement

I give this game two stars because even though I like it and I think it is a really cool game, there are way too many things that need improved. First and most important is the recruitment; why are duplicate employees even allowed when you spend so much in-game money to get them? I can see them being randomized but duplicates that can’t be used are worthless and frustrating.

It’s good

The only reason I like it is because of the operations

it’s alright :/

it’s really fun and it does get really addicting and it’s a fun time killer all though the farther you get into the game literally the more impossible it gets and it’s so dumb because it’s almost like i can’t do stitches anymore because it automatically fails me i don’t know if this is a bug but if it is i hope it gets fixed soon because it is really annoying

Removed it

It was fun in the beginning. Then your whole staff was at zero and it you were sewing someone up they would crash. No instructions on how to revive them so they died.




Baby you are not the one you’re going through the day of a long night baby girl

Bugs gallore!

So many bugs to this game will not let you touch anything every other day!

Good game

It’s a game with good simulation. U may be more enjoy if U r a medical personnel. Good luck.

New levels

I love this game but I’m to the end of the story line! When are new levels coming out???

fix bugs, make it free

It’s cool game but you have to spend lot of money (real life money). you are stuck and can’t move hospital on next level if you don’t pay for new doctors, etc. also fix bugs and calibrate game so people can finish every operation without failing on basic procedures.


2 stars because I actually like this game, tho it tends to be repetitive. The problem is it is way too unbalanced. You earn a meager but you have to spend lots to upgrade. The newest event, I’m left wondering where to pull out 1M+ cash (in game) in order to get the special staff in 2 days. Needless to say, I won’t be able to get it. In order to complete the event, be prepared to spend gold for coffee, energy and moda, and hope that you will earn more than you spent. Ridiculous.

great game butttt.....

it’s a rlly fun game but every time i am closing up the patient it will not let me suture the patient up and i always seem to fail i would like and update that is better and easier to use to suture so i don’t always fail. thanks you.


This game is honestly awesome.. throughout the game, the most money I’ve spent is 4 dollars and my revenue has shot extremely up.. in order to succeed in this game, you have mange and watch how you spend your money. I really do recommend downloading this game, it’s worth it.

Great fun, but.....

I love this game but it keeps asking for money every 2 minutes.. Enough already....

Good game, lots of ads

Good game, some of the ads for in app purchases are frequent/repetitive.


This game was fun in the beginning when all it was was you operating on a patient in need, but now you need to create a hospital and have other people operate. This is a fail we all can for the surgery


I wish they give us more energy and more minutes faster


I like the concept and it has so much potential but I have several complaints about this game. My biggest one is that there isn’t a proper tutorial for each type of surgery and the word prompts don’t appear until AFTER I choose the wrong instrument which costs me hearts which then cost me a failed surgery and time. I’ll list my other concerns soon that’s just my biggest at the moment.


The game is impossible to make progress in unless you spend real money. At first it all seems fun and then you can’t do anything because you have no money and you don’t have enough doctors or anything really. Deleted it on day 2.

Too many in-game ads

While there are fun parts of this game, the constant pop-ups to buy things are too much. After completing basically every task, you get two or more pop-ups. It interferes with game play.

Involves real life money too often

Give people more opportunities to perform surgeries. I don’t wanna go broke in the process of playing a game

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