Operate Now: Hospital App Reviews

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It is really fun but in my opinion it is a little TO gross. But it is really fun, just make it a little more cartoon like. And if not I think I know what you are going for. Realistic. Thank you!

A few issues putting off a spending player.

I really like this game and have happily spent over $20 (which usually classifies you as a whale if I’m not mistaken) and lately I find myself not wanting to play. The reason is the sensitivity around the suturing. I’ll make a suture and it will throw and error and then I repeat the exact same motion and it registers it as correct. This has happened consistently enough that I wanted to touch on it here. It is actually ruining my whole experience. Since I’m here I also wanted to mention that the balance overall seems to be a bit weird. Hard levels are not hard and then a medium level will be very finicky. I have played what seems to be the exact same level/surgery on different difficulties and noticed no difference at all. Also, people get tumors in places other than their stomach... might be nice to have different surgeries. For example, brain surgery or gallbladder... but that may be just me lol.

Reward Bug

I do enjoy this game. Sometimes the story lines get a little messed up. It might say you’re going to fix a fractured bone, but then you go into the surgery and you’re doing a bypass. Thats not too horrible. What stinks is sometimes they have “events” where there’s extra missions to do. They last a certain amount of days and then when they’re over you’re suppose to claim your rewards that you’ve earned. Every time I’ve played a mission, and spent a ton of in game money on them mind you, when I get on the day after it ends, I don’t get to collect the rewards. Adds pop up when you start the game for whatever is on sale in their store, and that’s normally fine with me, but because they pop up, they seem to cancel out my chance to get the rewards. And that’s a real bummer because I spend so much time working my way up to get the best reward possible and I spend a ton of in game money on them.


I like this game but how many times do we have to update in order to play!? Everything is so expensive as far as upgrading and trying to get two people in a room...crazy!

From Mikey

This game is so fun and realistic I love the part were you get to operate

Daily bonus

I don’t get my daily bonus,how can I change it?


This is an amazing game and I would very much recommend it to others! I was looking for a good surgeon game with very good graphics, but the only one I found was surgeon simulator and it costed money that I didn’t want to spend so this game was a miracle and I loved the fact that unlike surgeon simulator you actually get backstories from people who work with you and you can interact with the hospital and based on your decisions your hospital can get better or worse or your actions in surgery can effect your reputation. It’s overall very fun game and a great time killer!


It’s a good game make you want to play it. The best operations game I’ve ever seen. However developers, if you want people to play more you have to reduce the time of the tasks for the prologue.

4 Tries!!😩😤

I couldn't even play the game because it glitches out on me every time,the only thing that was good was the intro,so that's the only star this stupid game gets

Best game!

This is by far the best surgery game for mobile! I love it!! 😊


I enjoy this game and can’t wait for the update to see what will happen in season 3. I had bought some resources, to like the premium training package and a recruitment package, but sometimes it doesn’t get transferred. So then I’m out money or golden hearts.


It’s not letting me do a surgery I’m just managing the hospital I want to do a surgery

This app is a great concept but...

It only took me 30 mins to run out of money, hearts, etc. seems like they draw you in just to try and squeeze money out of you. Not only that but I hit a surgery where I can’t see the guy up. You had me till then, plus I’m out of everything so DELETE ! Sorry :( try again next time


The game is so bad that I can’t even use stitches! Every time I try to do something it tells me I’m doing it wrong. Definitely needs an update for more downloads. If I could, I would rate this is zero stars. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t get this game!

Glitches everywhere!

There are significant glitches the longer you play. I’ve tried to advance beyond the same surgery, throwing stitch after stitch and I keep getting an X and losing hearts. On one wound I had like 14 stitches beginning on one side of the wound and ending on the other and still not complete. The surgery programming needs some serious work. Won’t be playing anymore until I hear that those issues are fixed.

Would be fun if it wasn’t junk!

I have downloaded this game twice. I really enjoy the app, but it freezes and will not open back up. I will try one more time. I have made a purchase of 5.99 which really makes me mad. I wondering if this is some kind of scam?

Break room Boost & Free Rewards

I’m trying to love this game. Concept and story are cool. I get what they’re trying to do. But you definitely need a bunch of resources (real $$$) to advance. The Break room boost and Free rewards options simply spin when I attempt to use them. Anyone else have this issue????


Please improve this app. I love playing it but earning money is extremely difficult. And sometimes in the middle of an important surgery the tools just won’t work (mostly the needle) i would play this much more often if i could get what i needed to do done.


Really hard to earn money. I do the 10ml of morphing but still get hearts off

Too Many Fails

Seems like they deliberately fail your operations on purpose in order to push you to buy stuff. Money is earned way to slowly in this game. Give it a 4 out of 10. 👎

Operate now hospital

Loved playing at the start but this game has to many bugs like, a doctor that drains stamina as soon as u replenish him or having to constantly spend to get a certain doctor.

Get this game

It’s a really fun game I love helping people and this helps me do just that

Hard to get money

The game is good But wast of time ... too hard to get money and hard to enjoy playing without money! When you are starting to enjoy , you got tired of waiting things to upgrade and tired of trying to get enough money ! They need to change things in the game or they are still going to have bad reviews and lose people to download and play it !

Good BUT

I like this game and enjoy it however I am so sick of having to delete it and reinstall weekly. It’s always messed up for one reason or another and their support is HORRIBLE at replying and taking care of things. The game is fun but it gets old constantly having to reinstall and start over


I absolutely love this game! The only thing I would change on this game is adding a wider variety of surgeries. Once you get to a certain point it’s all of the same. But I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I would love love LOOOOVVVEEEE an animal version! I want to be a vet!!!!!!!!


I looovvveeeee this game and became “addicted” very easily. I got so far into the game and after the 2nd update it kept saying that I wasn’t signed in and I’d hit login and it would say synchronizing account and never would allow me to play so I had to uninstall the game😔😔

Operate Now Game

How long does it take for the operating room to get ready it says 5s but I downloaded it last night confused

Best game ever!

I have been looking for a game like this for 2 years! Now this is the only game I play on my phone😆. I really recommend this game it’s so worth it. I love everything about it. The surgery is super fun. Putting new rooms in the hospital is fun. Assigning the staff and getting new staff is awesome. Just everything is awesome. Thank you to the person who made this!!!

Waste of Time...I just deleted it without wasting more time

You have to spend a lot of time waiting for rooms to be built AND spend a substantial amount of money that the game doesn’t let you earn because you have to build basic parts of the hospital first. To the game developers, why not create a fully functional hospital and let the player modify and expand as they see fit? Who really opens a hospital that needs every department to be built? This game seems like a money making scheme. If that is the goal, why not just make it a paid app and then let the player take it from there?


I have used 3 coffee for this quest didn’t take then I watched 2 of your videos to get hearts to buy more STILL DIDNT WORK! FIX IT and give me my hearts and 3 coffee back

Bugs need fixed after the update

It keeps crashing when I'm doing disaster surgeries and when I try to go back to do it it has already consumed the energy for the whole thing.

Game glitch

The bus disaster task is to give coffee to my staff. I’ve done it 10 times, (3 is the requirement) and it registers I did it, but then it resets so I cant move on. Very frustrating

Not good

Great concept and enjoyed the game until I realized it’s designed for you to spend a lot of money with no benefit in progressing in the game. The upgrade amounts are too much coupled with trying to increase the stamina of you staff and adding new staff. It seems it is designed for you to never progress. I deleted the app.

Good idea, horrible execution.

I overall thought the premise of the game was fun, but the mechanics are horrible. It starts you off with next to nothing, and gives you all these tasks that are next to impossible to achieve unless you spend money on the game but they don’t even give you enough time to get invested in the game. I played for an hour at bedtime had to stop because I had to wait 30 min to an hour before I could even do anything again. Then I was given a task to give three coffees to staff, I did and it wouldn’t credit that I did. I think the design of the game is to get people to only be successful if you pay, which they should just charge people to download and give better starting money. My vote is don’t waste your or get it to get the first couple of steps in the prologue and then dump it.


Lol, removing a polyp is most certainly not a “dangerous” surgery. And they definitely do not cut the stomach or the bowels to remove them. A simple colonoscopy will suffice 😂😂

Good game but has issues

So I play this game almost everyday and I see I have had one of the most common issues everyone else has with it saying I need to download the latest version. Well I did and it took 3 days on WiFi! Three!! Than when I finally started playing again a disaster task popped up and I was excited to get the chance to earn 100 hearts so I’ve been working my butt off completing tasks. Well when I get the particular one that says to give three coffees to your staff, I click show and go buy the three coffees and tried giving them to the same staff then three different staff and it will NOT let me move on. I have spent 30+ hearts on coffee trying to get past that particular task in every single disaster that has popped up. But it will not let me move forward so therefore I won’t complete the rest of the tasks nor get the 100 hearts. This game is very addictive and fun but could use some improvements on building, buying staff, coffee glitch and making more money.

Why the bugs🤦🏾‍♀️

I love this game for the most part until the new mission updates. The current mission for the “building collapsed” has so many issues. I’ve gotten stuck on the same stage twice now. The games requires for coffee to be given and then keeps cycling back to the same step. It’s annoying. There also seems to have some problems with the “breakroom”. Please fix the bugs. It’s a fun game otherwise


Sometimes when you try to seal the cut up, with the needle it gives you x’s instead.😕

Only one issue

I like the surgery’s but when it comes to building the hospital it’s difficult because it’s so hard to earn money and they don’t let you do enough surgery’s to earn money

This games has too many bugs

I am stuck on the tourist bus disaster where the game tells you to give your staff 5 energy drinks. #1 that is way too much for each staff member and I have wasted all my Hearts and know for a fact that there a staff I’ve given 5 drinks to and the status bar won’t update. So what was he point of me wasting my time with the disaster storyline if I can’t move past this one thing.


I have literally given eight coffees to my staff and it's still telling me I haven't given them any (one of the tourist crash quests tells me to give staff three coffees)

Great fun but very expensive!

I love this game but if you want to actually get somewhere in the game you end up paying really money or waiting a very long time. 12 hours for a level increase is to much. And the amount of money you need to buy rooms or employees is to much. Definitely needs a like tweaking a few bugs as well


You guys updated and added Facebook. I connected to Facebook and it started my whole game over... And why when I do a review i don’t see it? Can I have my game back please. I put a lot of time into it. Ridiculous


App no longer loads &is now unplayable. Upon opening the app, an error message appears “CONTENT ERROR” stating due to this error it can not connect &try again later. I’ve tried many times within the last few hours, still cannot login. PLEASE fix; I’d love to give this 5 stars as it’s a really great game otherwise. I play it all the time.

Couldn’t even open app

I can’t get this game to start. “Content error” tried everything I could think of. Waste of time. Super irritated.

It won’t load!

I’m super interested in this game but it won’t load for me. I’m super disappointed.

Too many bugs

Keeps crashing

Can’t even play

Looked good downloaded it, can’t even play it because of a network error, so I re downloaded and still doesn’t work. Gonna give it a 1 star cause I can’t even play it, just get rid of it if you’re not gonna fix the problems.

There is a error message

Whenever I try to play the game an error comes up and I can’t play the game. It says Content error. There was a temporary error while connecting to the game content. Please try again later. Please fix this ASAP.

Glitch that won’t allow me to continue

I love this game. I’ve been playing for only a day. But the Fourth of July four day quest has a glitch. I’m on mission seven and I’ve given many coffees already, and it shows it complete but then it will show it incomplete and won’t allow me to move on!!!

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